Healing Arts light frequencies

Empower who you are and generate more happiness into your life!
Joanne van Wijgerden creates the Healing Arts light frequencies with lots of love and care. The light frequencies are available as light sprays and light drops and are beneficial for personal use as well as therapeutic use. They support people to become more conscious of the relationship between body and soul. They help people to get more in touch with their feeling state and what goes on inside their body and help them to get to the source of a complaint. Healing is always based on insight into your own self and love for who you are. The light frequencies help to generate this love and insight within yourself, which will open creativity, happiness and healing of the body.

Light sprays
The Healing Arts sprays work as a general support. They can be used by adults and children, but also for animals or a space. They are meant for daily usage. There are 12 different sprays available, which each have their own field of action. A short description of each spray can be found in the spray guide (which will follow). An extensive description can be found in the web shop under the product description of a spray.
Light drops
The Healing Arts light drop series are meant to support the expansion of consciousness and growth of the self healing ability. Every series has its own theme of consciousness. The series can be used in a therapeutic practice as well as for ‘self study’. All bottles are available as a whole series or as single bottles in the web shop.
Each of the light drops help to purify the chakras of family conditioning, fear and standards, so that you can be yourself more freely. They also support you to experience and treasure your physical body as a safe haven. You’ll experience yourself opening up more towards your spirituality, while feeling more at ease in your physical body and being more grounded.   
An overview with a short description of the light drops series can be found in the light drop guide (which will follow). A description of each individual bottle of light drops can be found in the web shop under the product description of each bottle.
Per series a bookwork with background information exists in which you’ll find all the descriptions of the 12 bottles from that series and a more extensive, therapeutic description per bottle. This more extensive description is especially meant for therapist that work with the light drops, but also to expand the insight and consciousness field of a certain bottle or series. These bookwork’s are currently undergoing an update, but will soon be available in the web shop under series attachments.

A Healing Arts light frequency exist of 89% water and 11% alcohol. The water is the carrier of energetic information (=light frequency). The alcohol, used in the form of brandy wine, is only added as a conservation agent.


Working of the light frequencies
Information fields
The light frequencies connect us with certain information fields. These are energetic fields that contain information around a particular theme, for example more self love. These fields are a part of the all knowing field that surrounds the earth. This is a field of consciousness in which all knowledge and experience of people together is stored. Anyone can connect with this field and gain information from it. You could compare it to the internet in the material world. All knowledge is available, you just have to search for it. The light frequencies do exactly this. They connect you with certain information that you would like to access from the all knowing field.

Energetic information
The energetic information is transferred through light energy. This light energy has a certain frequency, intensity, color and geometry in which way it contains information. The Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto took photos of light energy in water.

The usage of a light frequency will connect you to an information field of a certain theme. Your energetic and physical body will gain information about such a theme and use this to integrate this theme into your life in a positive way. The Healing Arts light frequencies restore the connection with your body’s intelligence, so that your feeling state and intuition grow stronger. This will increase your self healing ability. It will also strengthen your connection with your source consciousness, your Higher Self and other selves. This will expand your consciousness and insight in the whole and it will open you more towards self love and love for others.  


Creation of the light frequencies
The light frequencies are made by Joanne van Wijgerden. When she receives an impulse for a new light frequency, or so to say a theme, she’ll start by building a new information field with information about this theme. She does this together with beings from outside the earth (angels, guides, risen masters, elementals, deva’s) and/or Higher Selves of people on earth. When this information field is finished, she can integrate the energetic information (=light energy) of this field though her body into water. The information field will keep evolving, because Joanne keeps working on the field, but also as a result of people using the light frequencies. Their experiences will be stored in this field. So when you use a light frequency, you automatically contribute to the evolvement of this field.


Joanne van Wijgerden, 01-03-2016
Surrounding the earth there is a field of consciousness, that is based on the knowing and knowledge of all human beings. A lot of things that we know, we don’t make up ourselves, but we get it from this field of consciousness. This field is called a holographic field. If you were to look at this on a subtle level, you would see the presence of crystalline structures. Every time something important is discovered on earth, it will form a new crystalline field and every human being is able to tap into it. The simples example is the research of Rupert Sheldrake (the hundredth monkey phenomenon). He observed that when a group of monkeys on a certain island discovered that they could wash tubers and then eat them, a group of monkeys on the other side of the planet simultaneously started doing the same thing. The first group of monkeys had placed their experience in the holographic field and so the other monkeys simply took this information from that field.
With human beings, it works exactly the same way. For example, the Aboriginals as a group were still connected in this way. So, when one of them would discover something new, it automatically became present in this field and all Aboriginals would have access to this information. Because of the unity that they had together it worked. But as humans we have entered a huge phase of individualism and we have to learn anew how to co-create. Humanity, however, found its way back into a spiral of evolution and continues to have access to more wisdom. This is making the holographic field stronger again, so we naturally have a greater knowing available to us. The internet is sort of a funny reflection of this, of how much knowing is available to us. This is still a physical way of searching for it, but more and more we will learn how to have access to this field telepathically.   
A Healing Arts light frequency is also a holographic field, made of a sort of “new” crystallised geometric field. New between quotation marks, because it has always been there at a certain moment in the time of Lemuria. Crop circles, for example, have a light geometric structure and this geometry contains certain information. So, geometry and information form a cohesion. Light intensity and information do the same. This is why the bottles are called light frequencies. 

Part 2 and 3 will be publishes in our next newsletters!


Practical usage of the LIght FREQUENcIES
​How to use
The light frequencies work by holding the bottles or by spraying/using drops on the body, in the aura or in a space. The best way to ingest the light frequencies is by putting drops or spray into the mouth or by putting some in a glass of water. This is the best way for the information to get to all organs, muscles and cell of your body. Energetic traumas can be stored in the emotional field of our organs and muscles. This could even have happened many lives ago. By using the light frequencies these stored traumas can released. It is important to feel and experience what is happening. Your own intuition and listening to your feeling state are the most important counsel when using the light frequencies. Use your intuition to know what feels right for you. Try and take the time to feel what is happening inside your body, so that you can stay in tune with what you wish for.

Quantity and how to use
Spraying once or 2 drops at a time is enough. Use the spray or light drop bottles frequently the first days. After that 3-5 times a day for a period of a few weeks is enough. This way the light frequency is most effective. 
Be creative, adding the light frequencies to your bath or for example to your car during a driving test, even in the baby or delivery room can be great options. The light frequencies have been used by midwifes for years now during pregnancy and birthing.
Long term usage is essential, it deepens your consciousness and grounds changes within yourself.

Simultaneous use of the light frequencies
​You can use different light frequencies (light sprays or light drops) simultaneously. However we would advise you to first use a single bottle for a while, to really get a sense effect this bottle has on you. It is important to consider what happens in your body and the effect this bottle has on you every time you use it. At the start this ‘feeling’ can be difficult. The light frequency helps to raise your body’s intelligence to gain more consciousness of your body. Your feeling, but also your intuition intensifies. This will give you the ability to feel better what you need and to get more in tune with what is right for you

Side effects
Often we notice that during therapeutic sessions people start crying or shaking and they remember what is stored inside, through which it can be processed and rewritten. Crying and shaking is a good sign!