Who are we?



Joanne van Wijgerden is the founder of Healing Arts Therapy. Joanne also developed the light frequencies, both the light drops and light sprays. Her passion is to create a safe and loving foundation for both children and their parents, so that these children are able to manifest all the in-depth changes that they carry within themselves for the earth and mankind. Joanne facilitated the Healing Arts training herself for years and educated a network of Healing Arts teachers. It is this network of teachers that now facilitates the Healing Arts training, each with their own personal qualities and background. 


Nancy Jacobs takes care of marketing, communication and public relations concerning Healing Arts. Nancy is also the first mediator for national and international contact. Since 2005 she has been using the liquid light frequencies for her own, her family’s and her animals use as well as therapeutic use in her practice ‘De Lichtbron’. Nancy’s soul desire is to create accessibility to these beautiful light frequencies for everyone and to educate more Healing Arts therapists. With passion Nancy develops new utilisation of the light frequencies, such as our latest product Chicolate.

Healing Arts


Empower who you are and generate more happiness into your life!

With our light frequencies, therapy and education we’ve been contributing to healing and happiness for over 15 years. We are able to do this through different ways:


Healing Arts light frequencies

First of all there are the light frequencies, existing of light drops and light spays. Currently there are 13 different series of light drops with each a specific theme and field of action and 12 different light sprays. The light frequencies are used by the Healing Arts therapists during their therapy sessions, but they are also suitable for your own use. 

When you go to light frequencies you can read more about the creation and performance of the light frequencies. All light frequencies are available in our webshop and at various stores. 

Healing Arts Liquid Light Frequencies is a registered trademark. 


Healing Arts therapy 

A network of Healing Arts therapists exists within the Netherlands. These therapists have all been educated by Healing Arts. They provide Healing Arts therapy sessions based on the Healing Arts Method with the use of the light frequencies. During such a therapy session your self healing abilities are activated and allow healing to take place. If you have any interest in such a therapy session, have a look at therapists to find a Healing Arts therapist near you.  


Healing Arts education

The Healing Arts training educates Healing Arts therapists. This training is suited for people wanting to learn how to work with the light frequencies and with the fields of consciousness that they generate. This education is especially suitable for starting and established coaches, therapists, psychologists, healers and therapists working with family constellations, but also for people with an interest in gaining more consciousness and spiritual growth. For many people this training creates a sense of ‘coming home’, an inspiration and an accelerator through which they can take big steps towards a higher consciousness. Interested? This training takes place three times a year at the Healing Arts Centre in Vught. Before each new training starts an introduction workshop will be organised. This workshop allows people to familiarise with the education and the teachers. In addition to the Healing Arts education a diversity of lectures, workshops and courses are organised by the team of Healing Arts teachers throughout the Netherlands. Upcoming events can be found under News or on the website of the regarding teacher facilitating the event. 

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